Systematic Tracking of Parent Volunteers, Criminal Background Checks

OnVolunteers is extremely proud to have developed and released a feature that allows schools to better protect children against those who would do them harm.

The Summer Release of OnVolunteers’ Premium Edition introduced the new  ‘Requirements’ functionality. This capability provides school administrators and volunteer coordinators a systematic way to track parents who have undergone criminal background checks and ensure that only these parents are allowed to register for volunteer tasks that involve children.

As part of the Requirements feature in OnVolunteers, school administrators and volunteer coordinators can create a ‘Requirement’, such as that of a criminal background check. Administrators and coordinators, after receiving the necessary  background check documentation from parents, then assign the requirement to the parents’ user profile in their respective accounts, including the dates for when the criminal background check is valid. When volunteer tasks involving children become available, these tasks are made available to parents – shown only within their unique, password-protected accounts – whose criminal background checks are currently valid. Those volunteer tasks are hidden from any parent who hasn’t completed a criminal background check.

The Requirements feature – with its capability to systematically track parents with associated criminal background check information – is unique to OnVolunteers Software. No online sign up form service or volunteer management software provides any form of this type of tracking capability.

If you’d like to learn more about the Requirements feature and the OnVolunteers Premium Edition, please submit an inquiry within our website.

Happy Volunteering!

The OnVolunteers Team