Mobile App for OnVolunteers? Actually, you don’t need one!

Note: We’re going to use this post to, well, toot our own horn regarding why you/we don’t need a mobile app for OnVolunteers…

Volunteer coordinators as well as parents have offered us, on numerous occasions, the following “hey, your system is awesome, but you should build an app (as in mobile app)”.  Actually, we’ve used cool technology that we feel is actually a better solution than building an app, it’s called Responsive Design. Without getting into geek speak and cause you to stop reading this, we’ll explain Responsive Design in plain language most will understand.

Websites or web-based software using Responsive Design technology basically ‘respond’ to the unique device the person is using to access said website or software. In other words, the interface re-shapes itself based on the device being used, whether smartphone, tablet or lap/desktop computer. If you’re using a smartphone or tablet, a non-responsive or static website/software provides a really poor experience, because you have to constantly zoom in or out, or scroll side to side just to see other parts of the page. You’ve probably accessed websites or used web-based software like this, it’s annoyingly tedious.

So back to why you/we don’t need a mobile app for OnVolunteers… most people seem to think a mobile app is the only technology that works well on a mobile device. Of course, that’s not true. Responsive Design technology provides an equally optimal experience. Many people who visit websites or use web-based software on Responsive Design aren’t even aware of the technology, they just think “hmm, pretty cool…”. And that’s the feeling parents at schools using OnVolunteers get when they use their smartphone or tablet to access the OnVolunteers volunteer portal. And with Responsive Design, users never have to bother with downloading or updating software, as is the case with mobile apps. You simply open your browser, log into your OnVolunteers site, and voilà, a simple, beautiful interface  custom-made for your device! No software download or update needed, ever. Easy peezy.

So, to all OnVolunteers parents and volunteer coordinators, and those considering OnVolunteers, we encourage you to use your smartphones and tablets to access OnVolunteers, a beautiful, simple experience awaits you.

Happy Volunteering!

The OnVolunteers Team